We supply and install suspended ceilings, partitions, wall lining, tape & jointing, fire barriers and insulation.

By specializing in Acoustic and Fire protection we can supply and install works as specifications as tested by British Gypsum, Armstrong, AMF, Rockfon and many other major manufacturers. We are committed to upkeeping our outstanding reputation and ensuring that however big or small the job, we will always provide the best level of service.


Using a plasterboard ceiling we can create a variety of shapes with curves and steps, all with integrated spotlights. These can be boarded with wallboard, soundblock, moisture resistant, duplex or fireline board. We can also install access panels to reach service areas, these can be made to measure.


With many manufacturers producing mineral fibre, metal, wood, rockwool and fibreglass tiles there are many choices when installing a ceiling, whether it is for decorative purposes, fire protection or sound resistant. You can choose from different size panels for open plan offices, toilets and corridors, these can be offset creating various designs. We can also install fire hoods over lights and work in conjunction with other services (for example electricians and plumbers) to enable the works to run smoothly.


There are many types of demountable and metal stud partitions, all with a variety of finishes, all of which can be fire rated, moisture resistant, thermally insulated and sound resistant. As a cheaper alternative to timber stud partitions saving both time and money there are many benefits in using these systems. We can work in conjunction with other services (for example electricians and plumbers) to enable the works to run smoothly.


When finishing plasterboard, we offer a tape and jointing service which can then be painted or decorated in vinyl (to the colour of your choice). Alternatively we can fix cover strips to create a panelled effect.


This can be installed above ceilings, behind wall lining and in the cavity of partitions, with a variety of thickness from 25mm to 250mm and a variety of densities, these can be used for either thermal resistance, fire protection or sound resistance.


These are installed over ceilings to create a break in the ceiling void to prevent fire spreading over the top of a ceiling. These can be installed to resist fire from 30 minutes to 120 minutes depending on the requirements.


For areas where security maybe an issue we can increase the durability of the walls by reducing the centres of the studs, using duraline board, security mesh or plywood. This can be in police stations, banks and areas where forklifts and other vehicles are in use.


When installing works in kitchens, hospitals, veterinary clinics, laboratories, food factories and other areas where hygiene is of the utmost importance, we can install hygienic systems suitable for all areas.


Our company has a health and safety policy, method statements, project specific risk assessments and all our fixers sign contract forms confirming they will work in accordance with these measures. Our site representative regularly visits projects to ensure that these requirements are being met at all times. It at any stage you wish us to update the risk assessment if the site has altered we will be happy to assess the areas and ensure the correct personal protective equipment is being used and there are no risks to the general public or other operatives.


Our normal working hours are 8.00 am till 4.30 pm Monday to Friday. However when we are working to a programme or in a working office we can work out of normal hours to suit the needs of the customer.

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