Sound is a major part in life today, with a large range of products on the market there are many ways of reducing and absorbing the sounds around us. Sound travels both directly and indirectly and it is important to know where the sound is coming from as it may be traveling through many paths

Reducing Sound

Many people are aware of the misery caused by noisy neighbours and unwanted sound. There are many products available to reduce noise through ceilings, walls and flooring. This can be done by installing additional insulation and creating more barriers to lower the volume of both impact and airborne sound.

Absorbing Sound

Some people are all too aware of the disturbance sound within a room can create. If the wrong products are used in an area when someone is speaking the noise can bounce around the room creating echoes (reverberation). By installing the correct products it can reduce the reverberation by absorbing the sound into the ceilings, walls and flooring.

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